Privacy policy

Rabbit Hutches Store understand the importance of keeping your information safe, private and secure. The privacy below details our commitment to keeping customers' details and information secure (as in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998).

What information is collected and how is it used?

Personal Information

When you register and use this site, you will be asked to provide certain information such as your contact details. We will use this data to fulfill our agreement with you.

We may use information that you provide or that is obtained by us:

(1) To register you with our website and to administer our website services;

(2) To give to companies and organisations whose products we provide to you or we use to deliver your items

(3) To fulfil our agreement with you and processing and obtaining payment

(4) To analyse and profile your shopping preferences e.g. (market, customer and product analysis) to enable us to review, develop and improve the products and services we offer and to enable us to provide you and other customers with relevant information through our marketing programme. We may use your information to make decisions about you using computerised technology, for example automatically selecting products and services which we think will interest you from the information we have. We may keep you informed of such products and services including special offers, discounts, offers, competitions and so on by any of the following methods:

- Email
- Telephone (including automated calls)
- SMS text messages and other electronic messages such as picture messaging
- Post
- Fax
- Or otherwise

Fraud Prevention

In order to protect our customers and us from fraud and theft, we may pass on information that we obtain from making identity checks and other information in our customer records, including how you conduct your account, to other Group companies, other retailers and to financial and other organisations (including law enforcement agencies) involved in fraud prevention and detection, to use in the same way. Please Note we do not store credit card information.

Disclosure of Your Information

We may give information about you to companies and organisations whose products we provide to you as follows:

(a) To our agents, staff and approved third parties to carry out services for us.
(b) If we have a duty to do so or if the law allows us to do so.
(c) To anyone to whom we transfer our rights and duties under our agreement with you.
(d) To other companies and organisations to administer any prize draws or competitions.

Browser supplied information

We receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact with our website. For example, like many web sites, we use "cookies", which store information when your web browser accesses our site. This information is stored to help provide a more personal shopping experience, track the behaviour of our customers and consequently improve the shopping experience.

We may also collect data should you enter a competition, request a brochure, take part in a survey, request a newsletter or contact via one of the electronic forms provided.

Occasionally we may also use the information we collect to notify you about promotions on other goods, services and other offers we think you may find valuable. Third party vendors, including Google, may use cookies to serve ads based on your visits to our website - you may opt out of Google's use of cookies by visiting here

At points in our site where we collect personal information from you, you always have the option to opt out of any mailing list and further use of your personal information. If at any later stage you decide you would rather not receive such information please email us and request that you are removed from our mailing list.


Our primary goal is to create a smooth and efficient experience for our visitors as they browse our website. We want you to be able to find what you are looking for quickly and easily, and hopefully enjoy the process too.

So that we can learn where to improve our website without asking you lots of questions, we use a number of web tools to help us analyse how our visitors use the website. We look at how they have arrived at our site, what they do on our site, or what browser they're using, for example. We then use this data to come up with new ideas on how to make your browsing experience a great one. All analytical data is anonymous - it is in no way connected to any personally identifiable information.

Some of the tools we use will set a cookie in your browser. All these do is simply remember something such as a preference or a layout to a page that you have seen, so that we can ensure you have a consistent experience.

If you do not know much about cookies or how to control them, we recommend you visit for detailed guidance.

The following information describes the cookies that we use on this site and what they are for. We are currently operating under an 'implied consent' policy. This means that we assume you are happy with their usage, which makes it easier for us to give you a consistent experience from the moment you hit our website. If you are not happy with us using cookies, then you should delete any cookies from your browser after you have visited the site. To carry on using our site you could either disable cookies in your browser or use your browser's anonymous setting ("Incognito" in Chrome, "InPrivate" in Internet Explorer, "Private Browsing" in Firefox and Safari etc).


We use a session cookie to remember your login for you, and also for what you are putting in your shopping basket. We also use session cookies when processing payments so that we we can keep track of what's happening. We consider these cookies strictly necessary, because the website wouldn't function properly without them. You wouldn't be able to add anything to your basket, and we wouldn't be able to process any payments! For more information about session cookies and what they are used for you can check out


Google Analytics - We use this to track anonymous statistical data about our visitors, such as pages visited and time spent on the site. We can then use this data to help us to understand how visitors use our website, helping us to improve the user experience. To learn more about Google's privacy policy, visit

Google AdSense
- This cookie is used by Google to report to us how well adverts shown on our website are performing. All user data is anonymous.

You can find out more about how Google stands on its advertising policies at

DoubleClick (Google)
- This cookie is used by Google to learn what you find useful and show you more relevant ads. It's used by us to ensure that we are counted among the ads that Google can show to you if you have previously been looking at products on our website. All user data is anonymous.

You can find out more about how Google stands on its advertising policies at

- This tool allows us to anonymously track user behaviour on our website. We can look at particular pages on our site and see where people click the most, or which section of a page people look at for the longest. This helps us to improve our websites by learning what information is most useful to our visitors.

To learn more about ClickTale and what they do, visit

- If you see a survey pop up from the bottom of your screen on our website, then this will be from KISSInsights. We use these surveys to find out our customers' interests or what they think about our website, so that we can act on this information to make our website better. These surveys are completely voluntary and collect no personal information. The cookie is simply to remember that you have already completed a survey so that we don't keep bugging you with the same questions.

To learn more about KISSInsights and what they do, visit

- We use this cookie to anonymously track which split tests we are currently running for a particular visitor. Split tests are our way of testing new development on the website by monitoring the performance of the old version of a page vs the new. These cookies allow us to maintain the same layout of the website for each visitor, so that the shopping experience isn't affected by showing you the wrong version of the page. Without these cookies we wouldn't know if we were making our website better or worse with each update that we make.

- This cookie is related to the previous one and allows us to randomly choose what proportion of visitors we show a page variation to. For example, if we make a radical change to a page we may only want to show it to 10% of visitors in case people don't like it!

- If you came to our website via a search engine such as Google, this cookie remembers what you were searching for when you first visited. We can then anonymously count and compare the number of people that search for something and result in placing an order. This helps us to know if we are guiding customers around our site effectively.
LitmusTest - This is a session cookie which expires as soon as you close your browser. It is part of how we can detect that you are an actual human browsing our site, so that we know we should show you our full range of content.


Many of our pages will contain social buttons which allow users to share pages through their favourite social networking sites. There are buttons for Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more. These buttons are implemented using scripts from the respective websites which are on domains outside of If you are logged into your account on these sites then they are likely to be collecting information about your behaviour all over the internet, including our website. Clicking any of these buttons will cause these sites to register that action so they may use that information. You should see the policies on the respective sites to learn how they use your information.


So that we can take payment on our website we use an external payment provider called PayPal. The PayPal system uses cookies for payment processing to ensure transactions are secure. You can read more about PayPal's privacy policy here.


As our internet shopping experience develops our policy may be subject to change. If we decide to do this we will post all changes on this page so that our customer are always aware of our privacy policy and the nature of information we are collecting, how it is used and under what circumstances we disclose it. Any changes to the policies made by iStores Direct are made effective immediately.


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